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pg_statsinfo is a monitoring tool for PostgreSQL. It continuously stores a time series of PostgreSQL activity statistics and resource condition of operating system, named snapshots. The snapshot data enables us to check the health of a PostgreSQL server and investigate the past activities when having problems on performance or stability.

The project page of pg_statsinfo is currently at https://sourceforge.net/projects/pgstatsinfo/, being moved from http://pgfoundry.org/projects/pgstatsinfo.



2018-02-01 : pg_statsinfo 10.0 and pg_stats_reporter 10.0 are released. Added support for PostgreSQL 10. Only one major release of PostgreSQL is supported since this version.
2017-09-19 : pg_statsinfo 3.3.0 has been released. This is a feature release. PostgreSQL 9.1 is no longer supported from this version.
2017-01-27 : A bug that can lead to a crash has been detected in pg_statsinfo 3.2.2 compiled for PostgreSQL 9.6. Now we are working for the release of the fixed version. Sorry for the inconvenience caused by suspending publishing of the version.
2017-01-25 : pg_statsinfo/pg_stats_reporter 3.2.2 are released. PostgreSQL 9.6 is supported from this version.
2016-11-24 : This site has been rearranged. The older documents are moved out to here and the newer documents up to 3.2 are added.
2015-03-13 : This project have moved to SourceForge.

Past news


RPM files (only for RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 and/or 7) and source tarballs are available at sourceforge.net. Source repository is not published.


Sample report file is here.

Pg_stats_reporter is a graphical dynamic report tool for pg_statsinfo. This requires several javascript libraries installed together. You can see an example of the report here.