Past news

2015-01-08 : statsinfo 3.0.2, reporter 3.0.1, statsinfo 2.5.4 are released.
2013-10-25 : pg_statsinfo-2.5.0 is released. It can work in PG 9.3 and add more useful feature! Smaple report file is here.
2013-10-25 : pg_stats_reporter-2.0.0 is released. Add many reports items and report graphic is more powerful! Sample report file is here.
2013-01-29 : pg_statsinfo-2.4.0 is released. Changing point from 2.3.x, are supporting for PG9.2 and collect new statistics(WAL, OS resource and road avarage etc.) Smaple report file is here.
2013-01-29 : pg_stats_reporter-1.0.0 is released. This is a graphical report tool for PostgreSQL and a succession of pg_reporter. Sample report file is here.
2013-01-29 : pg_reporter-2.0.1 is released. Fix some bugs.
2012-04-23 : pg_statsinfo-2.3.0 is released. Decrease snapshot data size and fix code for more reliable.
2012-04-23 : pg_reporter-2.0.0 is released.
2012-02-09 : pg_statsinfo-2.2.0 is released. Add making report command and fix some bugs.
2011-12-01 : Add Q&A contents in pg_statsinfo 2.1 document.
2011-07-01 : pg_statsinfo-2.1.0 is released.
2011-04-19 : Homepage is renewed.
2010-12-6 : There is a packaging mistake for RPMs of pg_statsinfo-2.0.1-1 and pg_reporter1.0.1-1 (only pg90.rhel5)
Some commands may be error because wrong install paths are specified in these RPMs. Please use pg_statsinfo-2.0.1-2 and pg_reporter1.0.1-2.
2010-11-24 : pg_statsinfo-2.0.1 and pg_reporter-1.0.1 are released. This release contains RPMs for PostgreSQL 9.0.
- In pg_statsinfo-2.0.1, fix the bug to retrive a wrong version from monitoring PostgreSQL.
- In pg_reporter-1.0.1, fix the bug with interactive authentication handling.
2010-06-14 : pg_statsinfo-2.0.0 and pg_reporter-1.0.0 is released.
2010-03-16 : pg_statsinfo-1.2.0 32bit RPM released.
The latest releases of pg_statsinfo v1 are: